Blood Drops

Dec 15, 2009

New to This

Hello all,
I'm new to this whole "blog" thing so please bear with me. I started this as a way to keep everyone informed about what's going on with Rey Books and to give you a way to voice to me what you think about what I'm doing. Its my hope that everyone will feel comfortable giving their input because lets face it, if you don't like what Rey Books is doing then Rey Books won't be around for long. Haha. Its my intention to put out Mystery books that people will enjoy reading. Now realistically I can't except your ideas for books because they have to come from my imagination or what happens is I wont actually be writing them. Kind of like a director filming a movie, you want people to like what you've done but at the same time it has to be your vision. But I do welcome your opinions and value what you have to say. So please visit often and drop a line I will read what you have to say.
Thank you,
Ronald S. Barrios

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