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Sep 8, 2011

Important Information for You...

Masks & Malice is now available at If you don't have a Kindle fear not, just go to the website and download a Free Kindle app for your PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android and then get free sample chapters from Rey novels on Amazon to read whenever and where ever you want! It's that easy!
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Sep 1, 2011

Aug 24, 2011

Masks & Malice!!!!!

We are just nine (9) days away from the release of the new Rey mystery novel Masks & Malice! I can't wait to present this to you! If you still haven't got your FREE copy of An Object in Motion then just go to and pick it up for your Kindle or other E-Reader!
Remember, Friday September 2, 2011 Masks & Malice in trade paperback and Kindle was well as E-Pub, Sony or any other E-Reader you have!
See you there!

Jul 21, 2011

Masks & Malice

When Rey is hired by Pam Lorado to find out about her fourteen year old daughter's boyfriend, Carter, he learns that the kid is a drug dealer. But that takes a backseat when Carter is found murdered in his own car. Then Pam's ex husband Peter, who would rather be a friend to his daughter than a parent, is gunned down in front of Rey's office. Both Carter and Peter have a connection to another drug dealer named Seth who is crazy enough to kill a kid.Someone is pulling the strings and now Pam and her daughter are in real danger and Rey can make heads nor tails of what is going on. The case is like an onion and every layer he removes jus adds to the mystery.The only solid connection is a social website called Personal Place where everyone involved seems to have met. Unfortunately online you never really know who you're talking to because everyone is wearing a virtual mask...

Jul 18, 2011

Return of the Blogger

So I've decided to start blogging more, maybe two or three times a week. I'm actually having fun with it. If want you can check on it on the Author Blog page of Rey Books My new novel is coming along nicely. If you're on Facebook check for Rey Books on facebook and don't forget to sign up for the Masks & Malice giveaway. Sample chapters are posted :)
Masks & Malice Sept 2, 2011...

Jul 7, 2011

Read An Object in Motion for FREE

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