Blood Drops

Dec 16, 2009

First Release From Rey Books

The first release from Rey Books will be Blood Drops. (June 1, 2010 if you didn't know...haha) Its a mystery and the first in a series called the Rey Series. Rey is the main character. He is a Private Investigator, don't call him a 'P.I.', from Oakland California. He's Mexican American and the book is written in first person 'I didn't really see the point of talking to this person but I went along anyway out of curiosity...' Oakland Ca is as much a character in the books as any other characters. The town has a pulse all it's own and the action all happens there, mostly. I chose to do it this way because I was raised in Oakland and really do just love the town. I love the Raiders, the A's and the Warriors.
Rey is far from perfect, in fact his is pretty flawed, but he has strong convictions and sense of right and wrong and doesn't let anyone sway him to go against what he knows he has to do. He is sarcastic at times and tough as they come but has a heart for helping the people who hire him. He gives his all and doesn't break his word for anyone. I hope you enjoy the book and there will be more to come from Rey....

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