Blood Drops

Jan 7, 2011

FREE E-Book Short Story

I know it's been a long time, but not that long, and I apologize for the delay in blogging but I've been busy with the business side of Rey Books. But now I'm back and I have exciting news! With the success of my first mystery novel Blood Drops, available on amazon in trade paperback and Kindle ($2.99 Kindle price) I'm following up with a FREE e-book short story called An Object in Motion. This is also a Rey story. This will be available on Kindle on Feb. 7, 2011 but on Jan. 9, 2011 I will be posting the the cover of this FREE short story along with the first two (2), maybe three (3) chapters on
Now although An Object in Motion does follow Oakland California's favorite Private Investigator, Rey, it is not part of the Rey Series but instead is its own series of short stories. I plan to use the short stories as sort of a guide to go along with the Rey Series and will give more in site to Rey. Who he is, where he comes from and along those lines. This is a must read, and let's face it, for FREE who can afford not to get this?

So please pass this information along to any and all Readers you know and help me get the word out! I'd greatly appreciate it...

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